South Florida's Most Innovative Club Basketball Program

Drawing inspiration from European-style hoops development, ADAPT Academy is a one-stop-shop for developing young basketball players as athletes and as humans!

What makes us unique:

What's included:

Why "ADAPT?"

We named our Academy "ADAPT" because it is truly at the center of our approach to developing strong-minded athletes, who are able to adjust and find solutions in any situation - in basketball but more importantly, in life. Through the training regimen and academy experience, our methods are battle-tested to prepare young men andd women for whatever the future has to offer.

The European Influence

Having spent time in 12 European basketball cultures, ADAPT co-Founder Coleman Ayers was able to get a feel for why European basketball is beginning to take over the game at the highest levels: the club system and a focus on development over winning at a young age.

In America, it's very common to see players' basketball development stunted incredibly young because of the desire to win, be ranked, and be seen at a young age. Across the pond, however, Coleman noticed how diligently European coaches were developing athletes...

In most high-level European systems, players:

It's time to bring that culture to South Florida.



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