Our Team

We're a diverse group with plenty of experience and passion for developing athletes and young humans of all cultural backgrounds, personalities, and skill levels.

Coleman Ayers


Coleman is the founder of By Any Means Basketball, and is considered one of the young pioneers in the basktball training field. He primarily oversees the program, designs coaches' continuing education plans, and assists the team with culture-building processes.

Elijah Lomax


Elijah is entering his third year at DETAIL Miami, and has learned from some of the best coaches, trainers, and professionals in the industry, while working with all levels of players from youth to professionals. He carries much of the coaching and coaches' onboarding for ADAPT.

Mike Eluki

Skills/S&C Trainer

Originally from Belgium, Mike has experienced the European club system, and utilized it to play college basketball in the US before working his way up from an internship to become ADAPT's head of skills and performance training. He ensures all players are training in a way that breeds long-term success.

What our community says about us:

"His basketball skills have improved and his confidence has grown immensely."

ADAPT Parent

On their son's experience with the team.

It's a brotherhood... it changed my life in a way.

College Alum Ronaldo Wakati

On his experience with the ADAPT/DETAIL staff

They build a competitive, fun environment, where everyone is looking to learn and get better.

Long-time DETAIL Miami client

On the environment at DETAIL Miami




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